Pay per click (PPC) advertising has enormous potential to increase your business and bring more traffic to your website. PPC advertising involves the placement of a small ad on a search results page when a specific keyword or topic is entered. In return, you pay a certain sum when someone actually clicks on the ad.

PPC advertising helps you find targeted users and direct them to your product or service offering. A PPC listing on a search results page generally consists of a short (less than 200 characters) description of your product or service and a link to your website. You specify the keywords that you want to trigger your ad and when someone performs a search using those keywords, your ad will appear.

The placement of your ad will depend on the ‘Quality score’ it receives; the quality is calculated by the relevance of your ad and keywords, the popularity of the ad, etc. The method used to determine ranking and quality will differ slightly from host to host. Over 79 percent of businesses that use professional PPC advertising service say that the method is an effective way to increase sales.

Again, we can tailor a package that includes SEO, email management with PPC advertising, or individually. Just let us know what you want, we do the recon work, and move forward from here!