Local Co Op Marketing For Local Businesses

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Directing Marketing does work, but it takes time, money and effort. For sure, a one quick fire of direct mailing will not work. It takes at least six mailings to get someone to warm up to your offer. If you have tried it before, then most likely you have done the following Two steps wrongly –

  1. Direct mailing does require consistency, and that means at least 6 mailingts, but mailing to only 1000 or 2000 households is simply not enough. You have to think big, like 10, 000 to get the phone ringing.  The more you reach, the higher your chances;
  2. Boring offers or specials – 10% discount doesn’t cut it anymore.  This offer is everywhere, and people are shopping around for good specials – like free drinks, free upsize, free upgrade, and so on.  So if you want to stand out, offer something eye catching.

And this is where we co-op (or partnership) marketing can be really effective for local businesses.

At Axam we want to work with local businesses that want to get the message out to the local neighbourhood, and by partnering with other local businesses in the area, we can lower the cost for a 10 000 mailing.

Not only that, our marketing strategy ensures that you will be on the front page where the main eyeball traffic will talke notice, and not be lost on the third page.  It’s about positioning.

With our simple but effective ‘mail card’, people will take notice! So if you want to know more about it, call us on 0406 707 593 today, and you will be surprise on how much it will cost you.

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