Just having a website is not enough…



With the increasing popularity in iPhones and Android smart phones, consumers will be relying on their smartphones to conduct local search and shop online. Let’s face it, we carry our mobile phones everywhere with us 24/7, and it is our connection to the world.

Hence if your website is not mobile ready, you will lose business. When you think about the size difference between the screen on your computer and the screen on a handheld device you can clearly see how this can effect what people see.

Consequently it is found that a large number of users will promptly skip the (non mobile) site for a competitor’s website.

And with today’s technology, you only have one small opportunity to make a positive impression, which is only seconds with mobile devices.  Luckily for you, Axam can help you to get mobile ready today! So call us today on 0406 707 593, and let’s get cracking.

Different Web Addresses

Mobile websites also have different domain names than the traditional website name. Think of a mobile web address as the subdomain of the original web address. Again, this is to save room and speed up page load times for mobile Internet users.

Why Mobile Websites Can Boost Your ROI

These days, it’s absolutely essential for local businesses to have a mobile website. Yet, understandably, business owners may wonder if the return on investment (ROI) is worth it and better, yet, will a mobile website help boost ROI. Not only is a mobile website important for the success of your business, but it can certainly boost your ROI:

  • Click to Call: Mobile websites provide a simple way for consumers to tap a button or screen and have their call connected to a business. The convenience alone has helped a multitude of companies gain new business.
  • Shopping at Any Time, Any Hour: One of the best benefits for consumers is that a mobile website allows them to shop any time, any place, and anywhere. With so many people on the go, this is important to feature to offer. Round-the-clock shopping of course, gives local businesses the opportunity to reach more potential customers.
  • Mobile websites can be developed to accommodate any type of device that has an Internet connection, from Blackberries, iPhones, Android-based smartphones, and more. Subsequently, this allows everyone the ability to access a mobile website that is user-friendly according to a device’s dimensions and capabilities.
  • Faster Loading Times: Mobile websites are designed to load much quicker than traditional websites on mobile devices. With faster load times, not only are people twice as likely to stay on a mobile website to seek information, but they are also like to become return users. Furthermore, optimized mobile websites increase the chances of customers referring others to your business.
  • Consumer Smartphone Habits: Smartphone usage is not a fad, and its use is expected to continue to grow. Within the next few years, seeking information online via mobile devices will eclipse online searches performed any other way.

More than half of all smartphone users have shopped online, found business information, located store addresses, and researched products via mobile websites. Many of these smartphone users have gone on to make purchases in-store after utilizing an enhanced mobile website. In addition, the average smartphone user spends at least one hour per day using their phone. A good majority of this time is spent visiting websites.

  • Location-targeted Mobile Promotions and Deals: Mobile websites can be customized in order to target consumers based upon location. Built-in GPS placed on mobile sites, the ability to connect while in-store, and location-based coupons are among a few ways to target local customers, which in turn can boost your ROI significantly.

So whether you have an existing website or no website at all, we can either help you build a website that will look not only look professional but as well, smartphone ready and get your website mobile phone friendly. Hence, if you really want to catch the rising trend of the growing mobile movement, and call us on 0406 707 593, or send us a message today.