Why You MUST BE Mobile Phone Ready?

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Thank you for popping by our blog.  We’ll try our best to keep you up to date on the latest news with our printing specials, design tips and of course marketing stategies.

But let’s get onto the real matter today – if you are advertising online today, whether it is on Google Adwords, Facebook, SEO and any other kind of online marketing stuff then you may losing money with your website.

With the ever increasing popularity in smart phones, like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Smart Phones (GlaxayS4 and so on) and other hot smart phones, if you are not mobile ready, then you are missing on this traffic and bleeding marketing money.

People are using theeir mobile phones more and more today.  They are not only using the phone to just call, but to surf and shop.

Let’s face it, we are relying on the mobile phone or smart phone for everything : work, reminders, and everything you can think of. We practically carry it with us, and sleep with it 24/7.

Hence, if your business website is not mobile phone ready, that is, one that people cannot see properly on their smart phone, they will leave, and find a site that is more mobile friendly.  In other words, if you are adverting online, then you are losing money.

Here’s a couple of stats to take note of :

– 46% of mobile users are unlikely to return to your site after a bad viewing

– 74% of mobile users abandon a site after waiting 5 seconds for it to load

– 33% of mobile searches are local

So if you don’t grasp this concept now, then you will be losing out on business. A website that people can see properly on a smart phone, and one that offers an easy way to reach you will stand a far better chance of getting that increasing traffic.

If you do not believe me, check out this Short Google Video, which is about the Mobile Movement.

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