The Unique Twist to Getting Decision Makers to Call You

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Offline marketing presents many opportunities for people wanting to work from home, but the biggest hurdle with offline marketing (and with any kind of business) is finding clients, which can be both frustrating and quite stressful. But without clients, there’s no sales. So how do you get clients without the need of cold calling prospects, without emailing … or facing the fear of rejection?

With The Savage Siphon you get the chance to learn about a blast from the past technique but with the added twist of combining the power of the present. In a nutshell, using the old proven method of direct mailing mixed in with the unique Secret Sauce (The Savage Method), which is designed to skip the gate keep, get into the hands of the decision maker, and catch their attention with a concept they have never seen before.

The aim of this method is to get the interested decision maker to call you.

In The Savage Siphon ebook, there are eight chapters and 49 pages of proven no nonsense, straight to the point training course. This is backed up with Five training videos, which are not too long, but straight to the point presentation.

With this complete product, there are no long winded introductions, it is just a great insight into a unique step by step approach in finding and closing clients with a seamless system that removes the stress and worry.

You really do have the keys to over 50 years of combined sales and marketing experience of Brian Anderson, Syd Michaels and Val DuVall.

Who Are The People Behind Savage Siphon?

Created by three marketing / offline marketers – Brian Anderson, Syd Michael and Val DuVall. If you are active in the warrior forum or have purchased ebooks on offline marketing, then you will heard about the three authors. For sure, they know their stuff, and have the credibility behind them.

What are The Positive of The Savage Siphon?

The product is easy to read, and the concept is simple and different. The methods are sytemized, easy to follow and easy to take action with.  The may not be totally new, but is a gorilla of an idea whick takes it up a few notch, and it will take the stress out of cold calling, emailing, awkward cold walk ins. There’s nothing to over think about, but if are a procrastinator then do not waste your time.

As well, this product is backed up with a 30 day money back gurantee. Hence if you are not happy with it, simply ask for a refund of your money.

What are The Negatives of The Savage Siphon?

Although it is not a big negative, you will have spend some quality time to copy write or craft your message out to the business owner, and spend a tiny sum of marketing money to get the mailer out.

Who is The Savage Siphon For?

  • Offline Marketers who are not into cold calling, emailing and walking into a business
  • Business Owners who are in the service industry
  • Product Owners

The Savage Siphon Conclusion –

For only $17, it is a great investment on your business, and you will learn about a unique and different approach to finding prospects and learn ways to converting them into clients. It will cut the stress and time out of finding clients.

And to make this all work, you can’t sit on it, but spend a tad on marketing collaterals to make it your message stanb out and take action asap.

Hence if you want a step by step systemized method, and one that will get decision maker client to call you, then The Savage Siphon is for you.